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Putting the child’s welfare first

Keeping the family together is almost always the best possible thing for a child. However, in some cases it does become necessary, either for the sake of the child or the parent, for the Local Authority to intervene.

This will always be for the welfare of the child, but it is often a very worrying and traumatic time, both for the child and their guardian. Your SBS Solicitor is here to guide you through the proceedings, helping you to understand the process and why it needs to happen.

Here to help through it all:

  • Advice and guidance when social services first contact
  • Explanation of procedures and help with paperwork
  • Expert investigation into your case
  • Representation in court as necessary
  • Support when dealing with the local authorities
  • Applications for care orders and adoption
  • Special guardianship advice

Ask us about legal aid

When it comes to child protection, our solicitors want to provide you with a broad choice of options for the sake of the child in question.

Legal aid is a government initiative that helps you with funding to make sure your case is heard and represented in the best possible way. SBS are part of this scheme for child care issues.

A child holding his parent's hand A child wearing an adult's glasses