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Family law specialists

When coping with a difficult family issue, you need to know that when you decide to speak to a solicitor, they will be able to offer simple, effective advice that is tailored to you, and only you.

Each member of our family team is dedicated to helping you to make sense of your situation. Years of specialist training means that your solicitor will be able to talk you through your case and help to find the least painful solution. If we can avoid a court case, we will.

Protect your loved ones

Mediation is the best way to keep vulnerable family members, such as your children, from having to go through a lengthy and emotionally charged court case. As a member of Resolution, our lead family solicitor can talk you through the options, and if all parties agree, can guide the process to a calm and beneficial conclusion.


Comprehensive advice and practical resolutions from our experts.

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Representing you for contact disputes right through to adoption.

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Care proceedings

Make sure you know where you stand and always ask our advice.

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We can represent you, guide you and support you through your case.

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