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Guardianship and child custody

Child custody proceedings are often thought of in terms of a ‘battle’ or something similarly stressful. We say that this doesn’t have to be the case. If you are passionate about the protection of your child, speak to us. With the right approach, a case need not even come to court.


A breakdown of a family need not mean the end of contact with your grandchildren. Just because a couple is no longer together does not mean that it should affect your own relationship with them. There are a number of routes available should you need to come to us, namely mediation and, if necessary, court proceedings. We will be there through it all, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Special guardianship

Special guardians are appointed by the court. In cases where adoption is not appropriate or necessary, guardians exercise parental responsibility without affecting ties with the biological family. There are certain conditions to this, as with any legal decision, but these can all be explained to you by your solicitor.

Child custody

Our divorce solicitors have the extra advantage of being specialist child custody lawyers. This means that throughout your case, your solicitor will act with your child’s best interests at heart. Whether this means joint custody, single guardianship or a more complex agreement, you can rely on us to get your child the best outcome.

A mother and child A child holding his parent's hand