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Notable legal cases

Previous clients have approached us with the complete range of legal problems. Even when the odds were against us, the dedication of our solicitors meant that our clients get the best results they can hope for.

R v C and Others

Allegations of slavery and servitude. The first criminal defence firm in the country to secure an acquittal of all charges in this new and complex area of law.

R v C and Others (Trial 2)

Allegations of slavery and servitude. Obtaining a dismissal of all remaining charges against our clients.

R v T

Murder by a single blow. Not guilty and acquittal, after submissions at the end of the prosecution case

R v

Murder of a policeman. A full trial under the complex defence of 'diminished responsibility. Calling upon and using the evidence of renowned experts in this field.

R v H

Allegations of historic sexual offences brought by one family member against another. Not guilty verdicts on all charges.

R v

Charges of perverting the course of justice. Not guilty verdicts after full trial.

R v E

Domestic Violence. Allegations of biting ex-partner during a violent argument. Client acquitted after full trial. Self defence successfully pleaded on the defendant's behalf.

R v C

Speeding in excess of 100 mph on a dual carriageway. No endorsement or disqualification imposed after 'special reasons' of family emergency successfully put forwarded.

R v D-F

Too many points on licence, liable for disqualification under the 'totting-up' provisions. No disqualification ordered after representations that the family business would suffer irreparable damage.